For people who have tonsils, preventing tonsils stones from forming within tonsil fissures is vital to eliminating severe bad breath as well as other, uncomfortable symptoms like difficulty swallowing, coughing and sore throat. Tonsilloliths (tonsil stones) are small, compressed “stones” created when food particles, dead cells, anaerobic bacteria, mucus and minerals such as carbonate, phosphorous, ammonia and magnesium become calcified and lodge within tonsil crevices. Most tonsil stones are pale yellow and only slightly larger than a pencil point, but their ability to cause chronic and embarrassing halitosis is powerful and difficult to correct.

Diagnosis of Tonsilloliths

If a person suspects they are suffering from tonsil stones, a visit to the doctor and a routine CT scan  will determine whether tonsilloliths exist. Usually, people who experience frequent bouts of tonsillitis and/or suffer from post nasal drip will develop tonsil stones on a regular basis, mainly because tonsilloliths are partially formed by hardened mucus that lays in the back of the throat.

When tonsil stones are not removed, they continue to attract bacteria and various mouth debris, causing halitosis to intensify. In addition, the larger a tonsil stone becomes, the more symptoms it may cause, such as increased throat pain and earache due to increased pressure on the system of nerves interconnecting the ear, nose and throat.

One way that can reliably tell you whether that strange, white object lodged in your tonsil’s fissure is a tonsil stone is to first remove the stone with a Q-tip or toothbrush and crush it between your fingers. If it emits a foul odor resembling severe halitosis, then it is probably a tonsillolith.

The reason why it smells so bad is due to the sulfuric gases exuded by the millions of anaerobic bacteria that are packed into that tiny rock. Most of the mouth debris that anaerobic bacteria consume is made of proteins. The gases from the bacterial waste provided by the digestion of the proteins are what bad breath is made of.

Preventing Tonsil Stones Permanently

Therabreath tonsilloliths removal starter kit

TheraBreath® Tonsilloliths Removal Starter Kit

The only way to prevent tonsil stones from recurring is to have the tonsils removed surgically, however this is a drastic measure. This procedure is common in children but not in adults, who tend to suffer from worse, post-operative symptoms such as bleeding and throat pain.  Surgeons are hesitant to remove an adult’s tonsils because of the heavy bleeding that may occur when scabs start to slough off in the area where the tonsils used to be. Cauterization of capillaries and blood vessels that are causing uncontrollable bleeding is necessary, along with an additional hospital stay of two to five days.

How to Prevent Tonsil Stones without Surgery

Fortunately, there are ways to inhibit the development of tonsilloliths without resorting to surgical removal of tonsils. Some things you can do are:

  • Avoid alcoholic drinks. Alcohol is a natural desiccant that interferes with salivary gland functioning and reduces saliva flow. The ensuing dry mouth condition creates the perfect environment for the rapid calcification of bacteria, food debris and mucus into tonsil stones.
  • Limit consumption of dairy products like milk and cheese. These foods contain calcium and mucous-causing agents that provide extra constituents with which tonsil stones use to form.
  • Drink water instead of drinks laden with sugar. Anaerobic bacteria love to eat sugar and carbohydrates but dislike the oxygenating ability of plain water. Keeping your mouth clean and hydrated is one of the best methods to use in preventing tonsil stones.
  • Try to brush your teeth and tongue after every meal. Floss twice a day to remove food particles that become wedged between teeth and gargle with a non-alcoholic, oxygenating mouth wash in the morning to kill bacteria hiding in the back of your throat.
  • Take medication for chronic post nasal drip or allergies from which you suffer. Unfortunately, most of these kinds so of medicines also tend to dry out your mouth so make sure you drink water, chew sugarless gum and suck on sugarless mints to keep your mouth as hydrated as possible.
  • Use a water pik or oral irrigator to wash tonsils so that the chance of a tonsil stone being able to form is reduced.

Tonsil Stones Deluxe Kit by TheraBreath

One of the most effective oral hygiene products to emerge in the past decade that contains special ingredients capable of oxygenating a stagnant mouth and increasing the flow of saliva is Dr. Harold Katz’s line of TheraBreath oral care products.  In addition to providing toothpastes, mouthwashes, sprays and gargles that eliminate bad breath by attacking the root cause of the problem–anaerobic bacteria–TheraBreath also offers a Tonsil Stones Deluxe Kit that contains everything you need to successfully eliminate any existing stones as well as prevent the future formation of tonsilloliths.

Included in this kit are: oral rinses, nasal-sinus drops to clear nasal passages, oxygenating toothpaste and AktivOxigen serum and tablets which will eradicate tonsil stones already embedded in tonsil fissures. Because of the powerful ingredient OXYD-8, a compound created by Dr. Katz, users of these products will no longer be embarrassed or distressed by the bad breath and discomfort caused by tonsil stones.

By keeping your mouth salivated, clean of debris, and the back of your throat clear of mucus caused by post nasal drip, tonsil stones cannot form due to lack of the substances necessary for the development of tonsil stones. As a result, you will experience consistently fresh breath and tonsils that are free of foul-smelling tonsil stones.